Bedtime Habits Only Happy Couples Do

Relationships need investment. Not only to build, but to last as well.

Don’t you feel that you’re in a constant rush and anxiety in this modern world? You’re connected on the Internet 24/7, but are you truly connected to your partner 24/7 as well?

The last thing and the first thing you do in the day, should be a sign of devotion to your partner, if you want a long -lasting relationship.

Here are some advices to achieve that, or to bring it back, if you lost it somewhere on the road.

Forget about work and problems at the office

It’s normal to discuss work and annoying colleagues and bosses, but you have to know when to stop. And checking the e-mail from work can definitely wait until the morning coffee!

Go to bed at the same time

This shows that you or your partner respect each other’s tiredness and obligations during the day. A nice hug for the ending of a long day is the most precious gift you can’t buy with money. It also helps maintaining the intimacy in the relationship.

No distractions in the bed

Turn the phones volume off. Set the alarm and ditch it somewhere further from your sight and hands.

Have a routine together

Like, watching an episode of your show, washing teeth together, sharing a hot shower together, or walking your dog. Those late night jokes and smiles when the tension of the day is gone are priceless!

Never argue before going to bed

If you sense an argue developing, run away from the fight, change the subject or cool it down. Going to bed angry is unhealthy for you and your dreams and rest, not to talk about being bitter in the start of a new day as well.

Keep the bedroom child-free

The psychologist Michael Viner-Davis claims that “the only time you can let your children sleep in your bed is when they have a nightmare. At all other times, your bedroom should be your private space. You need to have that space for the 2 of you to maintain your intimacy”.

Don’t drink alcohol before going to bed

Though alcohol makes you sleep heavy, that’s really not “the good sleep” you want to have, because the body will first recover from the alcohol, than later, really rest and sleep. That will make you annoyed in the morning. Also, heavy sleeping is regularly “partnered” by snoring – a habit that’s not really pleasant for your partner in bed.

Massage before bed time

There’s not much needed to be said here. A massage is the ultimate relaxation, such as a hot shower…plus, those intimate touches may lead somewhere else…

Hugs, kisses and spreading the love

This is the best habit to end the day with. Everyone struggles with immense stress and uncomfortable situations during their day, so hearing the love words, feeling the gentle kisses and really feeling you belong somewhere and you’re being taken care of, is the thing worth living for.