5 Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones

Eat Eggs Everyday

Remember that television commercial that went like — “Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao andey?” They were never wrong. In order to optimize your hormone health, doctors advise a minimum consumption of 20-30 grams of protein on a daily basis. And when you think of all the high protein foods, it’s the eggs that top the list. Eating eggs every day will lower insulin levels and ghrelin which is a hormone responsible for making you feel hungry. Eggs also boost metabolism.

Choose The Organic Route

Most of the conventional foods these days, that we oh-so-lovingly-relish on, contain a mixture of fertilizers, pesticides, and growth hormones. They are also as endocrine disruptors because they are considered as the chemicals which interfere with the endocrine (hormone) system of our body. A lot of synthetic hormones are present in these foods which enter our body and confuse our organs and affect the conversations our hormones have inside our body. This makes it tough for our body to process and eliminate the excess hormones from our body.

Eating organic will keep all this confusion at bay. Organic food is bound to be nutrient dense and will help in putting out the fire of inflammation in our body.

3. Boosting Blood Circulation In Pelvic Area

The pelvic area of our body plays a major part in maintaining the equilibrium of hormones. Therefore, it’s very important that the pelvic circulation of the body is on point. So, whenever your period ends or begins with a lot of dark blood or when you find your pelvic area is cold, it means that it needs some attention. The best way to naturally increase the pelvic circulation is to gently massage the pelvic area yourself. You can also apply a compress of hot tea.

4. Eat Avocados And Include Coconut Oil In Your Food

If you’re wondering what are the building blocks of hormones, the answer lies in fats! Therefore, it’s essential to include healthy fats to keep the hormone game strong in a healthy way. And when we scan the matrix of healthy fats, avocados and coconut oil are the safest bet for us. So are olive oil (extra virgin), ghee, nuts, pastured eggs, and anything which is omega-3-rich.

5. Include Adaptogenic Herbs In Your Diet

Adaptogenic seems to be the buzzword in the wellness world. These herbs are non-toxic plants and are known to help our body relieve themselves from stress. They also help maintain hormonal balance and prevent our bodies from contracting various chronic diseases. Here’s a list of adaptogenic herbs that you need to know and consume:

  • Holy Basil:

Also known as Tulsi, this herb is known for its healing benefits since time immemorial. It also helps in relieving emotional stress, anxiety, and brings a balance in your cortisol levels.

  • Ashwagandha:

This herb will provide support to your thyroid and prevent imbalances in your progesterone, adrenaline or cortisol levels which can be caused by physical or mental stress.

  • Red Raspberry:

Pregnant women consider this as a boon. It contains tannin which helps relax the muscles in our body (8). It’s known to soothe stomach pain and any cramps.

  • Vitex (Chasteberry):

Their benefits are plenty — lengthens your luteal phase, nourishes hypophysis (the gland which controls the hormone glands) and it also raises the levels of progesterone.

Apart from these, if you can control your caffeine and alcohol intake, and also maintain a healthy diet, it’s going to help create a balance in your hormone levels. It’s also very important to start an exercise regime or any sort of physical activity. Your body needs to be active in order to work efficiently. Do you suggest any other way to create hormonal balance in our bodies? Let us know in the comments below.